About me

I consult on how businesses can benefit from the changes and disruption that the network society, the digital economy and social media brings and are an advisor to a number of mainly large companies and organisations.

I’m is also one of Sweden’s most popular speakers on these issues, regularly appearing at Webbdagarna, The Royal School of Technology’s Executive School and a host of company events and courses. I’m represented by Kvinnliga Talare, but feel free to book me directly as well!

Since 2007 I have produced Scandinavia’s main meeting place for social media – the Disruptive Media Conference – several times annually. In 2006 I founded Stockholm Social Media Club, the first of its kind in Scandinavia, which still meets the last Friday every month for lunch and networking.

Before beginning to work with social media, I have enjoyed a long and broad media experience, and worked with everything from journalism, publishing and advertising to television, product placement in feature films and – of course – the Internet.

I’ve been CEO of a number of companies in the advertising and media industry, as well as the head of both the legal news service PointLex (sold and now rolled into the service Juridik Idag) and the world’s then oldestpublished newspaper, Post och Inrikes Tidningar. I also founded Sweden’s first legal business magazine, PointLex Legala Affärer (PointLex Legal Business).

When I’m not working, I’m heavily into fitness, running, swimming and working out almost every day. I love diving, but also working in my garden that unfortunately doesn’t happen as often as it should. I’m a heavy reader, staying current on technology and disruptive business. I share most of my findings on Twitter.