This is a part of the primer on the disruptive leap model introducing the concept and model. The full text can be found here.

Disruptive Leap Model version 0.2

The sociosourced society is characterized by a post-industrial globally connected meritocracy where success is measured in personal influence rather than official position, traditional societal standing or wealth. Emphasis is placed on inspired action, meaningfulness and personal growth.

The sociosourced company is deeply networked, both internally as well as externally. Internet technology is as integral to its corporate DNA as cheap electricity and labor are to the Optimized corporation. Companies rely heavily on building true value for – and strong relationships with – customers, crowdsourced (digital) assets and ideas from outside the corporate walls and fast iterative innovation processes.

Organizations need to provide true value and meaning to both customers and employees to be able to retain them. Companies that are starting to operate from the Sociosourced stage are currently mostly IT-companies: Google, Facebook and Evernote, but we can also see strong characteristics in the values of the sociosourced stage in companies like e-commerce giant Zappos, mining company Goldcorp and new automaker Local Motor.