This is a part of the primer on the disruptive leap model introducing the concept and model. The full text can be found here.

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The optimized society is characterized by a modern, well-run democracy with a high living standard and where both economic growth and personal well-being for all citizens are prioritized. Typical optimized countries are the countries of Northern Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The optimized company is any big commercial corporation. In order to grow to a dominant position in a competitive market optimization is needed. They operate to maximize short-term profits and have been very successful in a stable growing market. They excel at measuring and fine-tuning performance. However, neither Wall Street nor management bonuses value long-term investments or innovation, which will make it very hard to succeed in a quickly changing disruptive market place.

Lack of management understanding of disruptive innovation, make companies ignore emerging markets as too small and unimportant until they are suddenly left behind by new players and altered customer preferences leading to massive losses. We already see this with companies like Microsoft, GM, Borders and Nokia.