After the sold-out success of last year’s Swedish Startup Sessions at Internetdagarna in Stockholm, we return this year – bigger and better!

The goal is the same as last year – to provide startups and potential startup founders with as valuable knowledge as possible from those who already succeeded. If you wasn’t at last years sessions – catch them here!

This year we mix in a few more single speaker sessions, focusing on on-boarding strategies, a must for a successful investment round; SaaS metrics, what should be measured and what is simply vanity metrics; and how to successfully sell, network and work a room – valuable lessons for timid Swedes and socially challenged developers alike.

The first and last sessions returns from last year: The all-star Scaling panel with some of Sweden’s most successful and experienced founders, this year with our new all-star team. And the closing panel of investment trends with some of the major angels, VCs and institutional investors from the Nordics.

Back is also my trusty side-kick Hanna Metsis, who will be on top of the social media channels and bridge the physical venue with the live cast on the net and the discussions there.

The programme

Below is the first draft of the programme. To get updates, invitations and learn when tickets are released, signup below! This is my private email list which nobody else will get their hands on.

10.30     Intro with me, Annika.

10.40     Panel: Scaling – how to build a international company, with our all-star team

11.20     Entrepreneur spotlight

11.30     Panel: Cryptocurrencies, startup opportunity of the future or expensive flop?

11.50     Entrepreneur spotlight

12.00     Session: Onboarding strategies – how to get users signing up and on board.

12.20     LUNCH

13.30     Panel: Grit – startup success is rarely an overnight success – how to build and fund a company long-term

14.10     Session: How to work the floor – the importance of sales, relations and networking

14.30     Panel: Employee options and equity vesting – what is possible in Sweden?

15.00     COFFEE

15.30     Panel: E-commerce – what do you need for international success?

16.00     Session: SaaS Metrics

16.20     Panel:  Investing trends

16.50     Outro and thanks

17.00     Mingle

Language – Swedish or English?

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