On success and failure

"The opposite of success isn't failure, but mediocrity." Randy Cage - Mad Genius - A Manifesto for Entrepreneurs

On productivity and qualtified self

"You have to remove people from your life to get any more efficient, and that's what we're doing." Chris Dancy  on Codebreaker


At some point your phone will be more aware of your emotions than your spouse. Sam Harris, live with Richard...

On Networking

"We are looking at the motives people have in their head as they approach networking," Gino says. "Academic literature talks about promotion versus prevention, two motivational systems that serve different basic needs. In prevention mode, you're thinking about your...

On growth

"The way to win in the long-term is to make wonderful products. When you make wonderful products that are magical, people will find them." Patrick Pichette, CFO, Google
Annika Lidne

Hi! I’m Annika Lidne

I’m a serial entrepreneur, consultant, advisor, speaker, author, writer, inventor and product developer. Currently I’m the CEO and co-founder of Dramatify. I also work as an advisor, consultant, speaker, moderator & educator in my own company. I’m one of the senior members of the advisory board of Stockholm’s premier startup hub SUP46. I also lobby for better startup conditions in Sweden, mainly towards the Swedish government and parliament. One facet of this work, was as lead author of the Swedish Startup Manifesto.

Previously I have started a number of communication companies/agencies, and also served as the managing director of two companies in a Finnish company group, where I also developed the largest legal new service in Scandinavia. I’m also a published author and an award-winning director.

I love public speaking and educating professionals in digital leadership,  social media, innovation, startup mindset and product development. Contact me to hire me!

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